The wedding on Michael Jordan was held at the Bethesda-by-The-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, Saturday May 4th. Palm Beach Police said this wedding as big as the wedding of Donald Trump and Melenia Knauss back in 2005.

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Michael Jordan, who is 50 now, married former model and much younger Yvette Prieto. For this joyous occasion of holy matrimony, a private security firm has asked the Palm Beach Police force to provide six police officers to handle the crowd and traffic from 2-6 pm on the South Country Road. This security firm is the same firm that handled Donanld Trump’s wedding. The top priority of the police was to make sure that no uninvited guest can enter the wedding arena.

Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player in the history, is getting married to former model Yvette Prieto. The ceremony guest list is said to have 500 names. The reception which was held at Michael Jordan’s place in Bears Club, Jupiter. The grand banquet was said to have 2000 guests. It is also rumored that the wedding planner set up two huge football field sized tents in the yard.

Bethesda by the sea michale jordan

Bethesda-by-The-Sea is one of the most beautiful churches in Southern Florida. This beautiful church was built back in 1925 with an English Gothic revival style. The weeding surely has sparked the whole area.

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